Open letter to Planner Inserts Sellers (inglese)

Uncategorized / giovedì, marzo 3rd, 2016
Dear insert seller,
Before that you add to your listing the last new awesome creation I would like to invite you to spend one second of your life for think.
THINK if what are you going to sell is something that come up from yourself or if you saw it before somewere.
Instagram? YouTube? Or Pinterest maybe?
Unless TRY to remember.
It is “only” a Calendar but do you know how much it hurt when we, bloggers, see our template on etsy or fb on your listing? Do you know how much time we spend in creating and sharing? We are doing this for the community, and you? Why are you doing this to us?
In your social maybe you keep your follower closer writing “I love Jesus” or “soon of good”. I would really like to know what good is going to say looking at you, is soon, selling somebody else work because “is business”.
But remember, I am not good. He always forgive. I don’t.
You will be out of my feeds and I will not support you or your business anymore. You don’t care?! Fine to me. But don’t complain if you don’t receive the same advertising of the others sellers. Be an “insert tief” was your decision, not mine.
You have the power. You decide to click.
Best regards,
-shared freebies from 2014-

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